You never really get there when it comes to your personal finances (Why?)

Getting “there” financially may be an endless endeavour made up of constant financial struggles that happen one after one. This piece is about those struggles and what it entails to actually get “there”.

It seems to be a neverending financial struggle because once you feel satisfied and confident that you’ve gone through the worst, there are commonly more problems ahead.

Whether it’s having more ambition, financial changes on a national level or a change in your lifestyle, building your financial habits can help handle your cash flow in an intelligent manner.

As you’re earning more money, you’ll soon encounter more problems such as an increase in student loans or other repayments. The good thing is that you learned good habits and you have a savings fund, your previous student debt could almost be settled and you can actually start to spend that money how you want.

Have you got there already? Now, there’s a wedding ring in your hand and a mutual saving fund, so it means that you merge finances with your significant other and finally you got “there”. Well, not so fast because right after learning to handle finances as a team, there comes a big life milestone: Buying a house.

You might believe that home ownership will take you ‘there’, especially now your student debts are gone, you have a fair amount of debt that keeps your financial score active and you’re currently dealing with marriage and a mortgage – that reassures you into thinking that you managed to get there.

But now, you´re in front of a doctor who is congratulating the happy couple in their new role as parents of a beautiful baby.

It seems that once again you’re far from actually getting “there”, and must deal with daycare, nappies, doctors appointments, babysitter and let’s not get started on the baby’s future education.

This obviously puts the “there” sign a few miles away again, so you need to come up with new saving strategies that involve the new family member, whilst dealing with new, unforeseen expenses.

Maybe there’s a promotion at work coming up, which means a bigger income. At this point, gathering as much money as you can sound like a good idea, especially when the retirement bells are tolling far away, but can still hear them coming your way.

During these times of having enough money to deal with day-to-day living, you may want to collect money from as many sources as you want. An investment portfolio might be paying off or you’ve been able to claim back some mis-sold PPI.

Retirement time is here now after many decades and still, you have no clue of where to find that “there” you’ve heard ever since you left education. Is retirement time providing you with everything you need? How are your investments doing? Are you enjoying your newfound free time? Does it mean that finally after age 65, you got “there”?

No, because now your little baby has become a parent now, and you’ve got to find new ways to plan for dealing with your financial support that has surfaced. You need to start thinking about the whole picture: retirement funds, pension, grandkids. You´ve done it well in the past, so getting a clear perséctive on how to deal with this new stage should be easy, or at least easier than getting “there”.

As you can see, getting “there” is nothing but a series of struggles you must go through in order to experience life in a particular way. Right now you may have a lot of anxiety about getting “there” financially even if you´re not that sure of what “there” means.

It’s good to have a change in your circumstances that show you’ve got things going on, regardless of the financial strain that they exhibit, but having a reflection between you’re initial point of ‘there’ and what you class as ‘there’ now can be highly different.

This may be time to stop being so strongly concerned about “getting there” just because that’s what society wants when you could be living your life a lot more stress-free than what it is now. Stop that quest to “get there”, because you have already arrived.