Production of Non- Metallic Enclosures

There has been a rise of non- metallic enclosures manufacturing industries. These are companies that produce and sells non- metallic protective compounds for appliances. They primarily focus on production of enclosures made of fiberglass and polycarbonates. The choice of the enclosure should ensure the safety of the client as well as its content. 

Such companies were established around the year 2007. It is among the youngest industries in the United States. The manufacture of non- metallic enclosures began after extensive engineering and manufacturing researchers for over five decades. This level of research has enabled the combination of the extensive know-how with modern technology to come up with remarkable outcomes.

Most companies solely produce all their products. This gives them an upper hand in maintaining high standards throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the excellent quality outcome. The manufacturing processes to take place within these companies’ premises. This enables such firms to make any model modification to suit a client’s needs.

Product quality is always mandatory. This is regarding durability and aesthetic value. All enclosures should be waterproof and free of corrosion. The products components should as well keep up with the changing technological trends.

The manufacture of non- metallic enclosures is a very competitive venture. This is as a result of non- metallic pens being preferred over the metallic ones. The preference is because they tend to be more economical.

There are a variety of Fiberglass electrical enclosures on the market. These products are uniquely designed for specific purposes and environments. A number of the non- metallic rings in the market include:

Centurion Series fiberglass- reinforced polyester enclosures

These are specially designed enclosure. They are purposely meant to protect their content from any environmental damage. Its unique design makes it suitable for control systems and operator interface units in MRO and OEM systems. These types of enclosures come with smooth round surfaces that complement their aesthetic value. They can be used in both industrial and commercial settings. These enclosures are as well durable.

Commander Series

These are slim-lined enclosures. They are as well made of polyester and fiberglass. This series also contains a polyurethane gasket which enhances its reliability and durability. The fiberglass commander series is produced in two types. That is, the first one has a flush cover and is soft and rounded while the other guy has a lift-off overhand enclosure.

Durashield series enclosures

In this series, the enclosures are designed for both industries such as mining, oil and water- waste management and commercial environment. They are durable and rugged. They have a shallow depth and a simple design. They are mostly used in wireless communication systems. They have a high aesthetic value.

MachoBox Series enclosure

These enclosures contain mounting flanges. They are designed to offer excellent resistance. They are suitable for harsh outdoor exposure. They are as well ideal for dynamic indoor environments such chemical plants.

Viking series enclosures

These are as well made of polyester reinforced using fiberglass. They as well consist of polycarbonate screw covers. They have a high resistance to surrounding forces. They as well have an excellent temperature resistance. They are non- toxic to their contents. They come in 18 distinct sizes.

The manufacture of non- metallic enclosures is currently a very lucrative venture. This is due to many people tending to migrate from the metallic ones. However, some companies are already in the business, so competition should be expected.